Re-Quest Re-View™

  • Assessment of existing database and application environment
  • Determine steps for compliance with Best Practices for the platform
  • Prepare for Re-Quest Re-Mote™ Managed Services

Re-Quest Re-Mote™ DBA and Managed Services

  • The Mote in Re-Mote = Management On The Edge
  • Def’n of remote is distant, removed
  • Our approach is to stay close, on the very edge of your environment if you will, to provide high-touch, high quality proactive and responsive service

Oracle Environment Outsourcing

Re-Quest has the resources and infrastructure to support the entire Oracle technology stack. They have a history of delivering better performance, solid enterprise data management, and proactive service. From custom Oracle applications to complete e-Business Suite implementations.

Benefits gained include:

  • Higher up-time, availability and performance SLAs
  • Security Protection
  • Problem resolution escalated with Oracle resources (if necessary)
  • Proactive upgrades and patches
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring by an experienced team consisting of Database engineers with an average of 15 years of knowledge around managing complex Oracle environments
  • Shared resources – higher availability and lower TCO than a single full time resource
  • Off-load tactical maintenance/management tasks so internal staff can be strategically focused

Oracle e-Business Suite Management

IT departments should be utilized for important projects that meet organizational goals. Re-Quest’s e-Business Suite Management group can:

  • Be a compliment to an IT department by supporting, upgrading, and maintaining technology in an already existing environment, OR,
  • Take over the management of an e-Business Suite environment, OR,
  • Provide a complete hosted, managed e-Business Suite environment
  • E-Business Suite Software technical support and product maintenance
  • Automatic Patch Upgrades and Code Fixes
  • Database Administration
  • Security
  • Tuning and Performance
  • Availability
  • Overall lower TCO and by delivering predictable costs with guaranteed service levels