Many services firms today look, sound, and act alike, providing technical
assistance around a particular product set , platform, or solution. Re-Quest prefers
to take a different approach.

Overall IT Strategy

  • Create Long Term Strategic Plan for Deployment of Solutions into Enterprise
  • Integration of New Technology into Existing Infrastructure
  • Provide Role Definitions and Staffing Plan
  • Assist C-Level Executives in Overall IT Strategy

Architecture and Infrastructure Design

  • Platform Choice – Servers, Storage, Peripherals
  • Solution Architecture – High Availability, DR/BC, RAC/Grid
  • Server Architecture – Memory, Volume Layout and Specifications, Network Requirements
  • Product Requirements – Licensing Metrics, Options
  • Installation – Virtualization, OS, Database, Fusion Middleware, Applications

Disaster Avoidance and HA Architecture and Testing

  • Assist with the Creation of Disaster Avoidance plans
  • Create High Availability and Maximum Availability Architectures
  • Assist with DR Failover Plans and Testing